27 - Lamine Yamal


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Never have I ever imagined that a fully grown ass adult will take exhilaration and excitement from being referred to as an online troll/forum clown, much more, take a pride in repsponding to such a call from someone who might be young enough to be his or her grandchild. Lol!!

Barcaforum. Wonderful!!
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No pressure lol
It beggars belief honestly but it's clear he is special

So many things can always still go wrong off the pitch or even with injuries but a consistently devastating playmaker at 16 is unprecedented

Managing him well will shape the next 15 years of this club
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Must be over 1.80 now? Very impressive how that growth spurt hasn't thrown his game at all. He has just naturally grown into it.

I feel like will be his own type of player. Can't think of any good comparisons.

Don Juan Laporta Estruch

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Big day for him. Many will be watching him for the first time.

Only people in Spain know how good he really is, the rest think he is just another La Masia hype train off the conveyor belt.

Remarkably, he has arguably been better for Spain than he has even for Barca.

Today is the first day of him announcing himself as a true world superstar.

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