2020 Summer Olympics - Tokyo


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Great moment between Gianmarco Tamberi & Mutaz Barshim to share gold medals. Close friends who helped each other before and now they share two golds.

Yeah, wasn't aware what was going on at first when they've both started to hug each other, jump around and celebrate though, lol.

I see Belarus are trying to force one of the athletes back home.


Breaking: Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, the Belarusian Olympic athlete who claimed her team tried to force her to leave Japan, will likely travel to Poland, her husband told @AFP on Monday, adding he himself had left Belarus.

"She will likely go to Poland," Arseny Zdanevich said from Kiev where he said he had fled to.

He also said that he was hoping to join his wife "in the near future."

Good news. Still worried about what could happen to the rest of her familly in Belarus though.


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Women's skateboarding.

Kokona Hiraki 2nd (age 12)
Sky Brown 3rd (age 13)

average age of 8 finalists - 17,5 years


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poor UK :mou:


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