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He is 17 years old.

He scored Barça's goal in the 2-1 loss to Madrid in the final of the U-18 club world cup, he is part of the U-17 Spain team. That's all I've been bothered to read so far. It's late and im tired!


Hmm thanks maz, he's a midfielder and top scorer ? That's impressive. Isn't that what Barca has been searching for ? Midfielder who can score alot of goals ? Hope he develops into something amazing.


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nothing much to say the article said it all, he is much more of a goal scorer than a creator, but he can do that has well, his uniqueness in that he isn't a prototype barca midfield, gives him an advantage over the other 9 xavi clones trying to break into the 1st team.

played a few games for the U-17 but was dropped for the cup itself, in place of some kid from real, the coach didn't take any player from barca in the attacking 3rd, not even carmona how had won it the year before and was still eligible, spain went on to be kick out of the cup without scoring a goal, i wonder why?.


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Midfielder that scores goal. Ker- chhiiinggggg ! Although he might not at this level.


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he is a right attacking midfield, a false winger you know like iniesta on the left, so thats why he scores so many goals, he doesn't play much in the center of midfield.


he only training bcos all other player play with country
he not part of team now


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Yeah Sergi Robert was probably called up only because Pep missed all internationals and Barca Atletic had that friendly match the other day. But who knows, he could be the next big thing.

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It can't hurt to give the lad a chance to train with some of the first team players, it's an added incentive for him to work extra hard with the Juvenil side and maybe he'll get a chance to shine in the early rounds of the copa.


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Not gonna happen because Pep will place the strongest line-up possible to conflict as much damage possible before the second leg when we can relax (not totally but just in the prespective that we're ahead).

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