2 - João Cancelo


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A bunch of mediocre players will easily defeat this Barca team. All you need are average defenders, average to good midfielders and very fast/ direct wingers....the Barca team will collapse before the end of the match...the full back defenders will lose their positioning and become spatially unaware..

I wonder why everyone is calling out only the players and exonerating the ineptitude of Xavi, though


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He mixes very good performances with absolute donkey'ness. But honestly even if he's very versatile, I hope Balde can pick up where he left and we don't extend the loan. I'd send both him and Felix packing, they can take Torres with them...


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Even if we are broke, he doesn't do enough. I'd rather play another youngster really if the veteran supposing to add the quality over the youngsters doesn't do so.


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He turns 30 today.

Wonder what his options are for next season. Can't imagine he has a lot of good offers from Europe, so probably us on another cheap loan or Saudi. Don't think he'd want to move an EL side.


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Only decent move for us is one season loan for no fee and just cover his significant salary. If City demand any money at all, ship him off.

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