2 - Joao Cancelo


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He can play maybe in 3-4-3 or some kind of variation with 5 defenders.

He is prone to mistakes and his defense is shit.


This guy is a double edged sword.
I am persoanlly not a fan of him in our current setup, world class going forward but an absolute clown in defence.


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Cut in his eye and fucked up knee. In an ideal world he wouldn't have played these last few games as he still clearly needs to recover.

Great assist though.


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Yes he was crap in defence but guy has to play also as winger so he cant focus on attacking and defending! If we buy a LW he can be more a Fb and we will recognize his value here!


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Cancelo better attacking, but defensively Bellerin is far ahead. And that's saying something since Bellerin is still developing that part of his game.

Although with Cancelo it's often that he switches off while defending or doesn't track back in time which leads to his downfall there.
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