2 - Joao Cancelo


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Don't love Cancelo but we don't have any other option at this point. Just pray it works out.

Our LB/RB are huge concerns.
Me neither and Barca doesn't seem to have luck with Portuguese players lately. Somehow, they never make it, be it Semedo, Gomes, Trincao...

But let's be honest. In current situation Cancelo is by far the best RB Barca can get and way better than every option Barca currently has for that spot.

Somehow, it is a big chance for both sides. It will be Cancelo's last chance to make it at a big club in his career after falling out of favor with Pep and Bayern not signing him permanently.

Getting a player of Cancelo's potential quality on loan is a decent deal. On paper and with all players fit, Barca would have a great back 4. Even better when you consider that MAtS is behind them.

Of course, there is the potential that he continues where he finished at his last two clubs, which still won't be the worst thing. Worst case scenario would be that he plays a great year for his new Barca contract and then continues to be his old self.

But let's not be pessimistic and put things into perspective: getting him on loan is a decent deal.


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Would laugh if we ended with no RB signing. Just be a very Barcelona thing to spend all Summer chasing a si o si target which ends up being no o no.


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Then new problems will appear out of nowhere. We've seen this before.

This transfer/loan saga will probably go down to the last minutes of deadline.
Yeah good chance of it happening. Feels like a different type of urgency kicks in on deadline day where everybody can make anything happen twice as fast.

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