2 - João Cancelo


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Hernandez would not even play:

Davies-De Ligt-Upamecano-Cancelo.

Mbappe is injured, but even without him, Bayern will demolish them, when I see players like Ekitike, Danilo, Vitinha, Ramos, Bernat in starting line you know they got no chance.

Hope so I am wrong, I would love Messi to win another Ballon'd Or.


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Not without Neuer and Hernandez they're not. PSG are already knocking them out, Messi will be up for it, trying to win the CL too to really cement his 8th Ballon'd Or. Even if he gets to the semis, it's a lock.

PSG have got to improve massively in a short space of time. They look really quite poor.

Plus Mbappe is missing the first leg now too.


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While all the Barca forum nerds wanted him signed cause of PL hype, I was the only one talking about how garbage he is

Rejected by two top teams. Now what?

Give me my flowers


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Still he starts for us with ease.

Better then all our transfer targets.

If we can get him on loan or something, it would be great.


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Is he good?


Just did a 10 minute youtube scouting session. If the price is right sign him up. Looks like he can cover LB too if Balde gets injured.
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