19 - Vitor Rawke


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Watched some highlights.

Paying 25mil is too much in my opinion. He is not that talented, could be decent player, but doubt he can be close to be important player for us.


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Richarlison level?

Mind you Richarlison goes for 60m in the EPL. Should make some money on the kid even if he is not that fantastic for us.

As for Andrey Santos. Obvious to anyone he was a great talent and we should have closed him a year ago. Still I watch him and I reckon Xavi would get him all wrong.


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Apparently a reliable journalist in Brazil said he informed his club he will only join Barca.

Ande Curry, his agent and former Barca employer, has the deal for 30M + 5M bonus.
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He's a lot younger than Alvarez, but if City can keep both Haaland and Alvarez happy, we should too with Lewy and Roque. Of course always the problem of him not being able to make an impact with the few minutes he gets. Then I'd rather loan him out to a Spanish side, not necessarily La Liga, to get experience.


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They would want him in the summer and would get minutes while adapting.

Cant be expecting a 19 year old to come in from Brazil and replace Lewandowski in 2024.

Barca wont be paying out money on their wage budget to a player playing in Brazil wouldnt think. Cant afford that. If they are paying 30m+ they will want to use him.

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