14 - João Félix


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Simply not good enough. It's the 3rd team he played in a year and it seems nothing fits him.

Next step.

Kings League.

Seriously though, everybody is playing poorly. Felix won't be signed in the end of the day. We are going to push for Nico on a free.

But when the team returns to form (broken record, hello Frenkie) then Felix will have some great to world class games.

But a player to build your attack around- he isn't. And that's our problem, no cracks and a system team... Without a system.


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Not playing bad, but 11 matches (800 mins) without a goal. He has to do more if he wants to be barca player next season. Rodrygo was in the same situation and turned it around in the last matches.


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Team is at a poor place now. I can see the quality in him and that position with Balde touching the line and him cutting in looks good.
Maybe lack of midfield cohesion as of late made him suffer.

We'll see in coming months where we are. There are no alternatives either like on the right side.

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He makes nice dribbles around and in box but his teammates don't offer him one twos so he's forced to go solo, no different than Yamal who's been banished to sideline with even less chance for solo miracles.

Xavi's "por fuera." Anti-dna gimpmaster.


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Each and everyone of our players is underperforming. If anything, Felix is one of the better ones out there. If you want someone to blame, go after the Hernandez brothers. Go after nepotism. 😉


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I don't think he's world class no, but he at least has some attacking intent, unlike most of the team. His end product is completely useless as of now and he doesn't score or create enough that's for sure. Then you have the Xavi factor to consider, wherein even Gundogan who was world class last season is currently looking poor...All said and done doesn't look like someone we would be desperate to buy. If he's a bargain buy, great. If not, move on.

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