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mate, cillessen didn't do something extraordinary here. he was no better as the previous substitute GK, which was bravo. what's to discuss here? he won us a league/CL or something?

neto maybe deserves another match at most, until ter stegen is match fit. otherwise it's pretty obvious and well known how GK hierarchies are established. you don't rotate the GK at will or suddenly give the 2nd GK the starting spot just because he was decent and nothing more, while the starting GK was injured.

neto didn't do something extraordinary while 1st choice. so why would he get he starting spot?

i swear, some people in here don't even think before posting.

I didn't mention anything to do with Cillessen. I just personally think until Neto makes a mistake he deserves continuity. I personally don't think Ter Stegen is that much better than him, you obviously do. That's fine it's a difference of opinion. Bravo was the starting keeper in the league whilst he was here, substitute in the CL.


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Lol at all of the lads simping for this CL KO disaster. He lets in more than 50% of the shots on target in our CL blowouts.

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