1 - Marc-Andre ter Ansplant


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If we had him versus Liverpool we would have won the CL that year. But only because he would have dived the wrong way and one of the goals would have hit him.


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Where do you guys rank Marc right now? Surely he is among our top 3 goalies of all time alongside Zubizarreta and Victor Valdes. Don't see who else can be mentioned here.
Off topic: Seems like everyone is talking about his hair transplant and how it impacted his confidence :LOL: Looking closer at it, I have to say his hairline looks pretty natural, compared to other transplants I've seen. A lot of times the hairline doesn't turn out good and it looks pluggy/fake, but this one was well done. I bet it's done in Spain or Portugal since this is where other footballers have done it(like David Silva if I'm not mistaken)


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Remember when people were wanking over likes of Ed Mendy ahead of Mats? lol

La Liga player of the season ahead of Griezmann and Lewy.

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