So Team Laporta has issued an ultimatum to Ilaix: Renew or not even play with Juvenil A.

First, do you think he'll stay or leave. And second, do you think that move will be wrong or right for Barca, i.e what is Ilaix's potential?
Bear in mind this isn't what you hope for but what you think will happen.

Leave (Bad) - Ilaix is leaving and Barca are making a mistake letting him go.
Leave (Good) - Ilaix is leaving and he won't ever reach Barca potential anyway.
Stay (Good) - Ilaix is staying and will be an important player for us.
Stay (Bad) - Ilaix is staying but will eventually be sold due to his performances/attitude.

Not the most intriguing poll maybe, but it'll be interesting to see in hindsight how Barcaforum valued Ilaix.