We need a new GK


I think MATS is a decent enough GK, but not in Europe. His CL goals conceded stat is probably the worst among FCB keepers since 2000.

Part of the reconstruction that our club requires is a good, reliable GK who won't shit his pants in European matches. Any ideas?

Onana is available but, as far as I know, not interested in coming here. I also don't know his game well enough to say whether he'd be a good candidate.

I should also not forget to mention that Pique is a clown and a bum.


okay, yeah--i didnt know that.

frankly im willing to give anyone a chance. MATS probably has CL PTSD from all the times hes conceded 3+ goals


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Still true

We really need a new GK

More thah new defense

More thah new number 9

someone who can light a fire under people's asses.


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When Athletic B scored the free kick, Griezmann said after the match that he was surprised by the silence in preparation for the free kick. No one directed anyone, did not tell what to do. The role of the goalkeeper is huge in defense and it is not only in repelling blows, well, or you need to have Messi with Ronaldinho on the field. Although now they will not help.

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