Victor Barbera


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Alarcon to the B to replace him them, with a few minutes here and there in A because of the current suspensions.

The Copa selection probably made up Barbera's mind too.

Let's see if we are right on this one. I totally get seeing Alarcon as the bigger talent, the question just is a) whether his time away hurt his growth and b) if Victor Barbera growth over the past 10 months deserved a re-evaluation.


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Perhaps this is just what the club is trying to do. Read something on 2Playbook recently that the club seeks to maximize the $ output from La Masia and youth players. I guess especially when we are in such a deep financial crisis they want to get every penny they could. But again, if they are trying to count the pennies they get in the short-term without any thoughtful long-term planning such as preserving talents and players for our own first team, we will have many regrets for years to come.


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It is not about counting pennies lack of funds due to current situation and more about how they much they rate those players to keep and pay them.

They will pay La Masia players when rate them highly enough.


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Since Thiago left Gavi is the only high potential/ceiling La Masia player. Roberto was just an okay level talent who had 2-3 decent/good seasons.

So yeah not too fussed about these guys leaving. Rather sell them than them leaving for free too.


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We don't know what really happened in negotiations, maybe the club wanted to keep him, but he thought it was better for his development to move to a league like Belgium's.

If he does well, it's gonna suck potentially having to pay a transfer fee to get him back, but at times too many here seem to believe negotiations are a one way street.

Alcaron, better be 80% has good if he stays.


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Really disappointed to hear this news as was really hoping we'd renew him and maybe give him a chance in preseason with first team in summer.

Albert Roge reported earlier today that Barca tried to negotiate with Brugge to sell him this month so we could include a buy back or % of future sale but without success so far so most likely he'll leave on a free.

As much as I like him shouldn't be playing for Barca B in coming months if that happens. But then again we don't know yet if Alarcon will renew either and he'd probably be getting Barbera's minutes.


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Xavi calling up alcaron, makes sense knowing he leave, as is benching him.

Pissed, but such is football, he's gonna leave.

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