U17 World Cup 2023


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Hopefully Mali beat France, otherwise it is a repeat of the U17 Euro final a few months back.

Good opening by Mali. Diarra almost scored.


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Argentina much the better side. The first to most contestable balls. Their 4 has been an offensive diamond too.

Darvich not been that productive himself. Lovely backheel flick to almost assist near the end of the half mind you. Alot of glimpses of talent here and there, but whole game needs alot of work still.

Darvich hasnt looked fully fit the past couple games.


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You can see why our scouts like him. He plays so mature. Though sometimes at 16 you want to see a bit more rawness, and to go at it a bit on the dribble. It looks like he has it in him.


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Reminder that the final starts in 15 (13:00CET).

Darvich starting in his 10 position. Let's go for the cup Afronaldo.


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He was best at wc u-17! I am proud that Darvich is our future.
It is tactical analysis of his game! Look, made so professionally

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