Spanish Supercup Semis: Barca - Betis


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Pellegrini: "Extra time like this shouldn't exist. With all the matches we have, and at this extremely high rhythm. We had 6 players with cramps today, it's too much. Knockout tournaments should go to penalties after the 90 minutes."

Pellegrini said that extra time shouldn't exist with the current football schedule. What do you think?

Xavi: "I understand. Maybe we have to think about that. In the middle of the season like this, 120 minutes... we also had several players with discomfort and cramps."

They're right.


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For not so important games like the Supercup, do think that it should just go to penalties after 90 minutes.

For important tournaments like the UCL/WC/Euros/Copa America and for Cup Finals, think 120 minutes are needed as not favored teams could just sit deep for 90 minutes and go through to the next round on penalty shootouts.


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Alba :lol:

Duelos defensivos ganados en el Bar?a-Betis de ayer:

- Jules Kound?, 5 de 7.
- Ronald Ara?jo, 5 de 10.
- Sergi Roberto, 2 de 8.
- Jordi Alba, 0 de 5.


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