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Do Neymar and Di Maria have much muscle mass??

Mate, Ney and Di Maria on their worst weight cut isn't even close to poverty-stricken Biscuits. Come on....Let's even scratch out world-class players for a second, a lot of Bayern players today do not look like that, just ask Coutinho when he played there. Your boy Salah doesn't look like that. I'm sincerely trying to figure out what's the medical staff's explanation to starve Busquets like that? Are they too conspiring to get him the fuck off the club?


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NOT CLOSE TO TRUE once again idiot. You?d jump to stop a bullet for busquets these days right? :lol:
give me a list of top players that lack muscle mass like busquets, not low body fat percentage.

Just about every modern day footballer lacks muscle mass including all the CBs apart from Harry Maguire .

Plus there is no need to abuse fellow forum members and Barca fans ..
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I am guessing Grindologist is still slagging either me or Busquets off

He has obviously not worked out that he is on my ignore list and I cannot see any of his wafflings



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This is his level. He can play games like this but useless when put up against top teams who up the intensity.
Hopefully Xavi won't 7se him against Inter.

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