Samuel Umtiti


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Should not rush himself FFS. Is he actively trying to worsen his injury just from trying to play against Lyon? Dude, your career is on the line.

He might very well be thrown back into the starting lineup as soon as fit. I just hope that Valverde learned from the last time when he has thrown Umtiti directly into the starting 11 after injury. Ease him into game rythm please.


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It seems there's no avoiding it. Sam must really know something we don't because he's avoiding that surgery like plague.

Is this the same type of injury Ledley King had at Tottenham?


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Fantastic news!

"I will do everything to be ready to face Lyon". Apparently what he said during an interview to Lyon TV. That he really wants to play in Lyon in front of his old fanbase as well.

There is hope in other words but I doubt that he will be ready to go in such an important game in 12 days time.

I suspected a return of his soon after reading that article above.

Hopefully he won't have any relapses this season and will slowly gain momentum and match fitness. No need to throw him out there immediately. Our chances of actually winning the CL this season just rose with at least 5% IMO.


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Where have the people who told me to stop trolling when i pointed out their fake news gone? Hmmm back to the real madrid forums where they belong i guess

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