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Ronaldinho is the greatest of his generation, he was the sun of Barcelona. He deserved 2 ballons d'or in term of individual qualities : 2004 and 2005.



Ronaldinho: "There are nights when I go to bed wondering how time could pass so quickly... When did I get old? I don't forget the times when I went out at Camp Nou on Saturday's, or every La Liga game with Barcelona. I don't forget when we played the Clasico against Real Madrid. Those are moments you can never forget.

When I played at Barça, I was the happiest man in the world, I only wanted to play under these colours. When people applauded me with every dribble, or every time I did a bicycle or a rabona, it was magical...

I cry with melancholy when I think of the highlights with the greatest club in history.

My heart is Blaugrana until death."


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Barca frontline of R10 - Eto'o - Young Messi is very underrated.

Honestly, it wasn't.
Those 3 never really had the chance to play and produce much with each others, Messi was still young and not complete while being injury prone, then R10 declined and was injury prone himself. They barely played together in 07/08 for example.
It was a matter of glimpses and what if, rather than real product tbh

Sometimes you have to wonder if Ronaldinho had the same drive of Messi & CR7, what could have been.


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Read that Ronaldinho's son, João Mendes, is on trial at Barcelona.

Apparently after awful start, which is expected with nepotism at this age group, we have changed his position from attacker to LB.

Comments around the web (youtube, reddit, twitter) says he is doing really well there, but the video is underwhelming for Barca standard.
But seems like the kid might have a future as professional footballer in this position.

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