Robert Sanchez


President of FC Barcelona

Full Name: Robert Lynch Sanchez
Date of Birth: 18 November 1997
Place of Birth: Cartagena, Spain
Height: 1.97m
Position: Goalkeeper
Current Team: Brighton & Hove Albion

One of the GKs we should be keeping an eye on when we want to move on from ter Stegen. Probably not before 2023 but still.

Developing into a top GK and is Spanish too which I'm sure Xavi would love :lol:

Has also been called up to the Spanish NT in recent times by Lucho



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To tall, and to good in doing the basics for a GK. We need someone who can only pass, and be shit at everything a GK should do.


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This is the moment to buy. Barca usually waits till they breakthrough totally and then pay massive even inflated price.

Neto leaving, Sanchez could challenge Stegen


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Market value is 14m. According to CIES' algorithm he'd cost 20-30m which I find more reasonable for a non-English GK from Brighton rather than 50m+.

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