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Perez started twerking for Mbappe again, just what we needed, so he will likely sacrifice upcoming season by not signing anyone good in attack, only for Mbappe to sign extention(again) next summer.


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I agree with Birdy's point. Bellingham can be good but he doesn't have Modric or Kross profile. And all of their next generation midfielder don't have either. So as long as Modric and Kross can't play well, their midfield are still in trouble.

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Lmao this take

Like football hasnt existed and players werent successful before Modric or Kroos and will not be after them

Bellingham should be absolutely fine long as is given appropriate reins to the #10 sector and can find common ground with Fede playing his usual deeper pivot/Beckham-like wide MF role. Can coexist very nicely and Belli-Fede-Tchou has all the athleticism needed to move away from perennial retreating of the midfield line towards the defense due to old legs not keeping up on counter. If played correctly and can find cohesion, RM can easily snuff out most La Liga teams, provided appropriate danger from CF and the coach makes sensible calls in rotation
Whether Ancelotti chooses to reduce Kroos minutes and Modric leaves is another matter

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