Premier League 23/24

Who will win PL this season?

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League being rigged too much for City this season, as if the 115 asterisks weren't enough.

Kovacic non red card vs Arsenal, Rodri pen vs United, Haaland pen vs Chelsea, and Liverpool and Arsenal getting robbed vs Spurs and Newcastle respectively.

It is what it is :valverde2:
Pep the ped user and dealer would know all about cheating


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Everton were on a good run lately, but unfortunately with the 10 points deduction, they basically restart the season after 12 rounds.


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Reliable info that if the independent regulatory committee finds them guilty both City and Chelsea face punishments ranging from 30pt deduction to automatic relegation

My view: Even if they get relegated to 4th division, this would still not be a fair punishment.
The only fair punishment for City is retracting and stripping them off all the titles they got during the period when they breached FFP


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First remarks:
- Arsenal have the best defense in the league but are not there yet in attack
- Poch has done great work at Chelsea but his players have massively underperformed in their chance conversion
- Spurs have overperformed, the tide will turn soon
- Impressive work by Emery
- Liverpool are back
- City are not clear of all the rest like in previous seasons


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What brightspark scheduled the Rayo-Barca game the same time as City-Liverpool?

Every true cule will obviously be watching Pep.

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