Premier League 23/24

Who will win PL this season?

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70m for Mason fucking Mount and he’s just the tip of the iceberg :lol:

And I got scolded for calling him the English Roberto.
Casemiro, Eriksen (even tough had some good matches this season), Bruno (too inconsistent), Antony, Maguire, Dalot, Martial - this team has bought too many wrong players


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Mourinho is just a shell of his former self. At least when he was younger he could sell his "us against the world" football. Now he's right where he should be.

Maybe the whole sport has changed, but in the past you had lots of good older managers.

Yeah, but the fact that past-it Mourinho was the best of the lot is just sad, on Uniteds behalf.


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It's the same at every big club, get over it. With the amount of money put in you want results and fast.

Tell me one club where the 'we want results and fast' worked with a new coach.
With the exception of Pep at Barca in 2008 for specific reasons


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Today is a very special day. Man U is playing. 😁

Worst EPL start in 60 years. And now, articles have started popping up discussing possible ETH replacements.

15m is how much it would allegedly cost to sack him.

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