Premier League 23/24


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@soul24rage This gameweek, AMA was absolutely awful for us and got subbed off early by Klopp.

Some of the fanbase is losing a bit of hope in him.

I won't be reactionary coz of 1 terrible game. Can happen to anyone.

Here's hoping he can be a consistent quality starter for us. I don't need him to be a bonafide superstar like Peak Gerrard but he needs to play at Hendo's level(without the leadership factor) atleast in order to justify the transfer.

I would say most of the performances by Argentines this weekend has not been good (Enzo, Lisandro, MacA) probably due to playing at La Paz, Bolivia in crazy high altitude, the long travelling and adjusting to the time difference. For most of them, this is their first time playing in a South American World Cup Qualifier. The only 2 who seem to be immune are Julian Alvarez and Di Maria, but they are running machines.

MacA is a brilliant support player and I'm sure he'll reach peak Hendo's level, but definitely won't be a Gerrard type of player.
Watched the United-Brighton Highlights.

The thing that really stuck out to me was how diabolical Rashford's decision-making really is. Few occasions Højlund ran into space on the counter in a good position to score and Rashford completely ignored him and tried to be the hero.

Incredibly selfish.
Rashford is decent but he is no Ronaldo.

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