Pichichi Trophy


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Trofeo Pichichi

13 - Samuel Eto'o (BAR)
11 - David Villa (VAL)
7 - Lionel Messi (BAR)
7 - Álvaro Negredo (ALM)
6 - Joseba Llorente (VIL)
6 - Mate Bili? (SPO)

13 goals in 11 rounds. Not that I expect him too but at this rate he could score more than 40 by the end of the season


Thanx Bojan, funny how Villa took 4 penalties (2 more than Eto) yet he´s still 4 goals away from him.


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Villa is still a great striker. This is a good chance for Valencia to sell. He`s 28 or something and they could use the money


immaculately conceived
Messi should already have scored a few more headers.

He had certainly two or three almost impossible to miss headers to score. The one he scored in Gijon was not even a good header in fact.


Momo un Bello Uomo
Imagine he was good with his headers, he'll double his tally and Alves will double his assists.


Mack the Knife
Eto has 25 now. Looking at a date of Bojan`s post I realised that it took him a month to score those 2.
Still, a good record.

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