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Fking paulinho when u can have seri for the same price?
2016 barto gave us douglas
2017 gomes
2018 paulinho

Get rid of him & robert ffs


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Banter potential with this transfer is amazing. If Barca's social media guys are clever enough they could break the internet :lol:


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I wouldnt even mind if this guy wasnt 30yr old and Tot reject playing in Chinese super league.

They bought Gomes, Paco, Arda, Vermaleen and Douglas for 130m euros. Buying Paulinho will make it 170 bloody million dollars spent on total flops.


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Among all these rumors about getting both Coutinho and Dembele, and we end up with... fucking Paulinho.


Seems like it will be on the players and Valverde to get us back on top, as much as the board and Robert Fernandez are trying to stop it.


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Sport claims the deal is done.
Im more bothered with this than Neymar leaving. It shows so mych lack of vision, tactics and ambition. Makes the future look even bleaker.
Only thing we can hope for now is that they dont waste more money and just get voted out. We will have another wasted year but after that we can come back, perhaps.


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I always liked Paulinho. He was my favourite signing for hotspurs that year they bought many players. I think he even did well but didnt fit tottenham. Always wondered why no one went for him, but that happens, but he definitely had something special about him. I havn't watched him since then to be honest so I dont know if he got better or worse, but he has enough talent and the x factor to play for a top team like Barcelona.

Now obviously this doesnt mean I agree with such a deal, 40 million for a 29 year old is damn steep especially that hes coming from the chinese league, prices are very high surely but that doesnt mean that the price has to be this high. 25 million would have been fair I guess in this market. The good thing for you guys though is that Paulinho will be extremely motivated if he goes to Barcelona since at the very least its a world cup year, his wages are relatively acceptable, low compared to other Barca players, and hes in the group of Brazilians that are likely to maintain high level performances even at 29 + years and not just lose it like Diego Costa seems to be heading to.

However, there has to be big name signings or this signing, even if for a good player, will look really bad, problem is by paying that much money, Barcelona has given justification for Coutinho and Dembele going for a lot of money as well probably crossing the 120 million mark. If its 25 million-30 million at most I guess the deal can be swallowed, but Barcelona need to make sure they dont overpay for this.


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These mofos really taking Messi for granted, buying reject from China is their idea of strengthening this club?


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We are turning into Milan ffs. Only Milan were fucking cheap and we are buying 30yr old PL rejects from Chinese Supee League for crazy money.

This is clear cut case of some shady shit going on. Literally EVERYONE is laughing at us. Just imagine, back then alot of people considered Gomes, Paco and Arda as solid buys at worst, great buys at best. This though...this is much much worse then Douglas. This is terrifying from fan perspective.

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