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The real tournament starts now so will watch a few more of the matches and other teams like Germany.

In general though the 10 is a bit of an obsolete position in modern football and certainly at Barcelona. Part of the reason he struggled with B is holding onto the ball too long and not knowing when to play simple and win to go for assists. But as I say, very early into his adaption here.

So at U17 he can probably get away with a top heavy footballing approach more. Germany have played Venezuela, New Zealand and Mexico in the group so none of the bigger teams both physically and ability wise yet.


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The number 10 isnt obsolete it has made a big comeback.

Look at Bellingham at Real. KDB at City and Musiala at Bayern.

While Argies won WC with Messi at 10.

Griezmann more or less plays 10 at Aleti and has probably been the best player in Spain this year.

The 10 and box to box position have made a big comeback in recent times.

It will be reason likes of Wirtz will be in huge demand this summer.


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Well yes, and I know Darvich is young but there is a physical discrepancy between the way he plays there and the way that trio do.

Wirtz is a closer comparison. Let's see if we can bring the best out of Darvich. But so far for Germany he has been performing against overmatched undersized opposition.


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The point is the number 10 role is not dead and if anything has made a comeback... see the top clubs and players currently being sought.

Only 10s that have gone bar Messi are the ones that were almost given free role and barely worked off ball or defended as allowed to 'cheat' for the big moments.

Darvich doesnt play an old school ten anyway. He works hard off ball and looks comfortable when drops deeper to get on it.

Has a goo range of passing from deep.


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Well the modern idea of a 10 is only 10 in number. In regards to KDB the most offensive of a midfield trio and Bellingham a forced role due to Florentino's lack of striker investment. How KDB is used in a mid trio is not really different to how we utilised Deco in a trio almost 20 years ago. Just the difference in the physical of KDB and the supporting cast.

The Bundi clubs ill give you as the clubs seem to have adopted that role in a modern manner thanks to the pace and directness of how the teams play. So this may indeed be the next adaptive usage in the bigger leads as you suggest.

So unless we have major structural changes, or Xavi can modify his midfield utilization with Fermin (and then potentially Darvich) in that offensive midfield slot then Darvich won't really have a future here, even if he fulfills his potential.

I'm watching Brazil u17 and Estevao is way closer to the type of player we can utilise effectively. btw


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Deco back then wasnt an old school 10 either more of a CM.

Bellingham has been a 10 type at every club he has been at.

KDB plays behind Haaland in that AM/10 role.

It is a position that has come back.

Argies won WC with Messi at 10.

More box to box mids..more 10s... wide players more isolated again.... a lot of positions are going in similar way to were 20 years ago.

Back to Darvich you are looking too much at number on back he drops a lot deeper than many of those other 10 types mentioned.

If he is good enough then he will have a future and get chances.

Xavi has been trying to play players in that '10' role supporting a striker.. has done it with Pedri.. although doesnt suit him.., did it last game with Raphinha, tried it with Fermin.. has even put Ferran in there more than once when chasing a game.


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The fact you mentioned KDB as playmaker just shows this position never faded away. KDB went through great neglect under Mourinho, just to be risen like a phoenix by Pep in the last 10 years. Football went through some weird stages where defensive counter-attacking football was succesful and possesion was bullshit, mostly influenced by Barca and Pep.


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Coaches have made the 10 back indeed, it is just many fans don't simply call them that in many cases.
Felix here is playing 10 a lot of times (and another times he is hugging the line, but that is another story), Gavi last year hasn't played a 10, but it was looked like a better player at that position will be a no 10 actually.
Thing is, to be a 10 you need to be fuckin great. Good won't cut it. A Depay level of player could survive on the wing or midfield IMHO, but at 10 you can't

With all of that being said, I am skeptical that Noah will be allowed to grow as a 10 in Barca B.
Can see him being included in a deal if we sign someone from Bundesliga, as Jami suggested few days ago


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Fair. Can't argue with that.

Basically a "modern" 10 would have to had adapted to the physical and tactical demands of current football, off the ball. Yeah Messi done it in a more classic sense in the WC, but mostly due to International football being slower.

Anyways, Darvich playing tomorrow for Germany versus USA, a game they should win. Then we got a top fixture with Spain/Germany in the quarter. Probably going to miss it as more interested in watching Mali play who have a few players who have been nice to watch.
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Here is Darvich v New Zealand.

He isnt staying up off the striker in a '10# role and dropping much deeper.

At only 17 there is a long way to go and could well be tested by Barca deeper if has that range of passing and tactical ability to pull it off.



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I don't think he will be able to compete with Lamine on the right, but also looks a lot more flexible (meaning we could punt him at LW). Hypothetical obviously as he's still miles apart from the first team.


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Doesnt look a wide player at all.

For Germany and Barca B he has been an attacking midfielder in the centre that is allowed a lo of movement to drop deeper.

Doubt anyone at club expects him to play wide unless some kind of AML in same way Gavi or Felix have played at times.

If Barca think he is a wide player he will be latest player Xavi is forcing out of position.

My guess is still he does fairly well and is sold on for profit or included in deal to a German side everntually..

Liepzig, Dortmund etc love these type of signings... if he continues to grow.

He actually looks quite adept when drops to DM area and decent range of passing so long way to go to know what type of player he is best suited to being but doesnt seem to have pace to play out wide and not being askd to play there.


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Afronaldo versus Spain.

Some nice touches in a game controlled by Spain. Only just turned 17 so time very much on his side. Still not really seeing it with him yet but there is a bit of magic in his boots. We will do everything in our power to try and get him working as an offensive interior. Call it a 10 or whatever, but if Fermin can work in a midfield trio or Gavi is played as our most offensive of a midfield quartet then the door will be open for Darvich too should he fulfill potential.

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