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Nicolò Zaniolo (born 2 July 1999) is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Roma and the Italy under-21 football team.


A bright Italian talent. Has an interesting build, he is 1.90m with a weight of 79kg, but very tidy and technical on the ball. An eye for goals too. Will be interesting to follow his career.



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This is a true Monchi masterclass. Sold a washed up Nainggolan to Inter and got him in return :worthy:


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Hindsight is everything but this will possibly go down as one of the dumbest moves Inter have made in the last several years.

All because Spalletti had to have Nainggolan who was showing signs of declining in his final Roma Season. :lol:


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He's famous here in Italy not only because he's a huge talent but also for his smokin' hot mom who slayed on instagram :messi:


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Inter doing Inter things. Hilarious that you could pay €24 million and include one of the highest rated midfield talents in all of Italy in the deal for a 30 year old bum (one of the least professional footballers out there) in Nainggolan. Although Santon is a mediocre player at best he was part of the deal as well. Talk about a ripoff.

He's famous here in Italy not only because he's a huge talent but also for his smokin' hot mom who slayed on instagram :messi:

She is decent but nothing extraordinary.


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How is he progressing?

I was about to make a thread on him but found this, needless to say, not surprised at all.

He's incredibly talented in the little I've seen him this summer (in pre-season).


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next Giuseppe Rossi

Speaking about Rossi, here is a message he sent to Zaniolo.

?Dear Nicol?, I understand the pain and emptiness that you feel during this period. I understand the thousand questions you ask yourself, to which however you will never be able to find an answer. This is where we must always remember what we and our family have done, the dreams we had as children. This is where you have to remember when we close our eyes and imagine ourselves in the most beautiful stadiums in the world. And all the sacrifices that led us to play at the highest level in world football ?.

?Remembering all this, you will immediately have the courage to get up to face all possible obstacles, because there is nothing more beautiful than being on the field and feeling those emotions. Do what we love more than anyone else. "Come on Nicol?, you'll get up!"

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