Neymar Jr. - v5


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Probably fake news. They've been best friends for years. He just got angry when Thiago returned the ball but I'd best the insult part is click-bait.

Only fake thing about ney are his celebrations. The coolest celebrations are when scorers play it casual and congratz their m8s. Dembele's are my fav so far :cool:

Go go Yerri!!! :mina:

edit: scratch that, coolest celebration by far is dancing mina!
Great read about the smiling assassin. Praises Rijkaard, recalls his 1st match and golazo on that Tuesday at 1.24 AM against Sevilla, the upbeat confidence in the dressing room, his big bro Puyol, Messi, Zidane...


triumvirātus eu numine

followed closely by Ziyech!!! :giggle:

Super article. Really turns up the nostalgia. Thanks for sharing!


what the hell is he doing. He can be one of the best player in the world but he acts like a fucking child, diving and slowing the game down. I Really believed that he will break the Messi and ronaldo Cycle but he is far from it.


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When he hits his decline (if he hasn't already) it's going to be hilarious for both Brazil and the club he plays for.

I'm so glad we got Coutinho.


You're welcome
Won't be long til tension between Neymar and Coutinho rises because latter is stealing the spotlight.

Can't wait!
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Funny responses considering he was quite good yesterday and should have had another assist if not for jesus being horseshit.


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Not sure what game you were watching but Neymar was trash. Hogged the ball and produced almost nothing. He is in very bad form.


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Neymar was very wasteful, missed couple of easy chances late in the game.

It was quite evident his concentration was missing, seems like something is in his head that's bothering him. It may be either the pressure to win Ballon d'or, or Coutinho outshining him or both.


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Neymar was great yesterday, haters be damned. Looking forward to Monday.

não se preocupe, even the haters deep down know he's the Golden Boy! each time he rolls, folks get free tequila! Cara deserves a humanitarian award.

He's gonna keep having fun on & off the pitch for the next two years, retire to Switzerland at 28, open art galleries, Ski in Verbier, party in Ibiza, own vineyards in France, castles in Scotland, fly his own choppers and sail his own catamarans.

A bela vida :neymar:

I just described my next 5 years but I've got the feeling he'll do something similar :)

ciao ciao, gotta run! I have a lunch meeting with Cliff Huxtable at the Four Seasons in 20 minutes.

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ciao ciao, gotta run! I have a lunch meeting with Cliff Huxtable at the Four Seasons in 20 minutes.


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