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Bonjour à tous , je suis français . J'ai joué de l'âge de 6ans à 52ans et mes genoux ont laché , alors j'ai arrêté !

J'aime le Barça depuis un certain Johann et aussi Diego .

Mais j'aime aussi d'autres clubs Espagnol , en particulier Villareal , Bétis Séville , FC Séville , Ahtletic Bilbao , Real Sociedad et Celta Vigo .
J'aime les équipes nationnales Espagnoles (masculines et féminines ) que je suis depuis 2002 .
Moi aussi j'étais sur FCB clan . Il y avait de très bonnes choses , de très bonnes personnes , d'autres moins ... dommage


The football knowledge on this board is very low, hence certain members dominates every discussion. if a player has a bad game or even just a worse game than he did before he is burned to the ground. no one is better than his last game and the memory is very short and only fit individual agendas.
This is a very poor forum for a Barca fan, i hope you enjoy it but you are more likely to be mobbed and ridiculed for your opinion


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Hi everyone! I have been a culer since I first watched the final of UCL between Barca and Arsenal in 2005.
I felt in love with the club at that moment and keep watching every Barca match until today.
Visca el Barca!

Welcome to Barca forum!


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Hello, I am a light edition troll account made by a fan of 88 inspired by the great shit-fuckeries of the Great Catalan Company.
I usually defend the colors in any rational or irational way using the model applied to totally smear us by the tabloids. I highly recommend this campaign of trolling Franco Madrid, QSG and OilPL to death.
Here I am usually present to reinforce the club ideology and identity and to halt the mental illness instilled in our young fan base by absolute morrons starting with 2013.
I am trying my best to promote Pep's ideas or to at least promote possible healthy ideas from my experience as supporter to revert the 2012 loss of our leader who was an iron manager with no second thoughts on firing stars regardless.
I am not that new, but new times need new ways and my new location is giving me much more time to waste on my passion for FCB.

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