New 2023-2024 Barca kits


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The white away is meh IMO

Not a traditional barca colour, despite being used in the 70s, but the most important thing is that the design is non existent.
Plain white, with some colours on the cuffs and sleeves

Not so crazy about the crest as well. It was our crest until 2022. If they had used the crest before 1975, it would have been really vintage!


I don't want understand why the F Nike wants white and why the F FCB approves it? NO WHITE KIT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It's here






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I don't like it at all... Even that new LL logo is a big L.

Those cuts on stripes edges. So Croatia 2018. Checkers had that effect

Nike is so crap sometimes. 2022-23 jersey is an art compared to this l.

Are you kidding? This is sexy af. I love it and I will get it.

The kit when Auba was here was the worst. DISGUSTING.


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Also buying it. Araujo or Balde, probably Araujo. Player edition.

By far the worst kits are the horizontal stripes and checkered kit. Arda and Griezmann are the ones I think of when seeing them. Auba kit also trash with the Barca logo shoehorned into a kit design.

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