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lol wtf?
a fullback pushing a winger to the corner = a good job by the fullback.
he prevented inside corner cut ins from wingers.

the fact that juve tried to double team the right side... he beasted that whole corner himself.

Pushing a winger to a corner is good thing but let the winger to pass/cross everytime is gambling. You have to try atleast to stop him from doing so the pass/cross doesnt find his target.


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nah dude he pushed the winger into the corner and made them cross from an unfavorable position.
if pique and umtiti have issues dealing with a cross from a bad position then they don't deserve to play for us. (they stopped the crosses in this case)

if we had a rightback that lunged himself into a winger to prevent a cross there would be a good chance we concede a goal or two per game.. a good dribbler looks for stupid fullbacks that lunge themselves.
or worse we put a player like vidal who doesn't push players into the corner nor lunges and just steps back jockeying around until the winger is 7-10 feet across our goal and either simply lays off a pass to striker or goes for goal

one thing to consider with barcelona fullbacks, is that they are our lifelines because usually our biggest threat is counter attacks.
Semedo and Alba SHOULD and have been trying to stall the attackers by forcing them away from the box giving our centerbacks and midfield time to regroup and preposition themselves.
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Really? He'd have done better than Vidal and Roberto no doubt, but Madrid dominated us all around in both games. Don't think the team as a whole would have been much better with him starting. They were the kind of games where the team as a whole were simply dominated, and no single like-for-like player swap would have made a major difference, no matter the gap in quality between the players being swapped. It's like when people claim that we would have done better or even won against Bayern in 2013 had Messi been fit.

Don't get me wrong, it was a stupid decision from EV, but I don't think that alone was the cause of our loss.

They were the better team as a whole, but Vidal made our right side so vulnerable and exposed that they attacked him relentlessly and took advantage of his inability to defend and general lack of presence. I think we've underestimated how bad Roberto and Vidal truly are. That hole on the right side was a huge problem last year as well, and managed to create an imbalance to break down our entire system even though it was a single issue. Vidal manages to make even Roberto look good.

RM in total are easily better than us, but that doesn't necessitate total domination on their part and our usual high possession play is their biggest weakness. Playing Vidal wasn't the only reason we lost but, had Semedo been there and we played our best formation in both legs I think it'd have been maybe a 1 goal loss or even a win/go to pens. Vidal was directly responsible for almost all of their attacking momentum in the 1st leg and decidedly caused 1 or 2 of their goals. 2nd leg was when we were dominated as a whole but that was mainly due to the shit formation.


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he did great. hopefully the days of Roberto and Vidal at RB are over now, if not for Messi he'd be my MoTM. thank you to Arsenal for keeping hold of Bellerin :rockon:


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I mean out of all the RB's we have been linked with this summer he's the one that easily made the most sense. I never was high on Bellerin to begin with because I felt like he wasn't the RB we needed, he's not good at holding onto the ball and he's not really great on the technical side of things either. He reminds me of those RBs who are good on the counter when they have enough space to run into and blast a cross in.

It's important for us to have that RB who knows how to hold onto the ball and not struggle when getting pressed when they're bring the ball out from the back. Semedo easily fills that quota and not only that he possesses good IQ, very good technical ability and he has required skill set to be an elite all around RB.


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I am not enrtirely convinced he is all that.We've faced relatively easy teams and a weak Juve side. Looking forward to see how he performs in October, where we face much stronger opposition
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I am not enrtirely convinced he is all that.We've faced relatively easy teams and a weak Juve side. Looking forward to see how he performs in October, where we face much stronger opposition

Didn t you say the real test for him was against Juve game? So now Juve is to weak?

Dude, pesimism is bad for your health, seriously.


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The movement he made in the last game was pretty impressive. I am sure that he learn and improve what he is doing. Hope to see him defending and attacking more this season.


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Thanx Konan!

Looking back at that yellow card of his, I now think he shouldn't have pulled Dybala. Umtiti, Pique and Alba were 3 players waiting for him.
Still, very good game from him.

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