Lliga | Round 38: Granada - FC Barcelona 0-3

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Our boy Cuenca decided to wake up and score his first two goals of the year today. Let's hope he's quiet next week.

Last trip to Granada with Lucho we won 1-3 (Raki, Luis, Leo) with the goals. However, the time before that under Tata we lost 1-0.

Positive outlook, just need a win and we celebrate the title!


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After watching Ajax bottle it in a similair situation I hope the team makes no mistakes and win convincingly.
Granada is safe so lets hope for a dominating display.


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I refuse to believe in the conspiracy theories, madrid will fix this, bla bla. This is not the mindset here, this will add more doubt in all our harts. Granada will not go all out to stop this, won't take the physical game over the limit so it will be up to us to break them apart, at least once.

Use all the experience and play the ref out of it, no risky tackles close to the box, no altercations, don't retaliate to provocations (if any), no protesting, just business.

Score 2 goals, kill the game and show the middle finger to madrid.


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curious who will ref this game: my guess to piss us off would be Gonzalez Gonzalez or even Carballo
but nevermind all, we will win this game and the title :mats:


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Dunno why but I am nervous already. The fact that RM will win it instead of atletico if we drop points is adding to the nervousness. I hope this last matchday is nothing like the last match of the league 2 years ago. Go to 2-0 up in the first half and I will probably take a breather. That match 2 years ago will keep haunting me until we win this.


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Kinda like it it came down to last round. We really don't appreciate all these La Liga's we won in last 8 years.
Only missed it in 2012 and 2014!


...Of all the games that was left...This is the one I have a bad feeling about...They definately are not a bad team at home...They lost to a single goal against Real and Valencia there and that was February last...They playing with freedom also and we the team that needs to be cautious...I really can't go through a game like this...Away games are always hard...I will watch it afterwards its just too much...


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I am sure the team will go out for the kill straight from the beginning like we saw against Espanyol, no 1-0 or 2-0 speculations, it will be war :)

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