Lliga | Round 35: FC Barcelona - Real Madrid 2-2


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2017/2018 Barcelona El Clasico

Sunday, May the 6th 2018, 20:45 CET



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Real Madrid defenders Dani Carvajal and Raphaël Varane will most likely miss the Clásico upcoming Sunday. [sport]


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1. Iniesta's last Clasico
2. Barca have an undefeated season going
3. Barca probably want some sort of validation (even though they don't need it) for their CL collapse

A few weeks ago I believed this would be a good chance to end Barca's run. With everything that has happened (Iniesta announcement, missing key players, emotions of SF vs Bayern) recently though, I think this really sets up for a 1-2 goal win for Barca.


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I think that this will be quite a high scoring Clasico, since bouth our and Madrid's defences are not exactly tight lately. But I believe that we might have an edge and get a win something like 3-2 or 4-2.


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Might have an egde? Real season is nothing. Only CL in with ref/luck against Juve and then Bayern dominating them in both ties and yet they progress.

Let's break their backs.


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Barcelona have no problem defending in la liga, so this will be difficult, as we cant defend at all.


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Fuck Real Madrid. Shit club. I don't care about this match.... Unless we win 5-0 ;)

Better be a guard of honour. They owe us one from 2008
Real lack class. Hopefully Liverpool beat them in cl final but I just can't see it happening.


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Its time to send out a message, that they may win CL but they aren't really all that strong.

Exactly the same thing happened last season too where we defeated the 3-2. Really hope we defeat them by a 3 goal or 4 goal margin too let the world know how misleading their CL glory this time is.


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Players like Coutinho and Dembele will be hungry to show their worth against Real Madrid. Same for the likes of Asensio, Vazquez, Bale etc.

Really hope we'll smash them hard though, as a compensation for our C1 exit.


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Really good barometer for how Valverde will approach big games going forward.

El Clasico with his winning streak on the line. The undefeated Liga is biggest accolade of his career so far and probably will be of his whole career.

Will he therfore go conservative to guarantee at worst a draw? Or will he go to destroy Madrid.

Does he show faith in Dembele?

Iniesta for sure will start his last clasico, Im expecting the usual starters upfront and in defence (Roberto at RB) with the midfield being Iniesta-Rakitic-Busquets-Coutinho. Paulinho as first sub and Dembele with a 10-15 minute cameo regardless of win, lose or draw.

As for Madrid, they have nothing to play for but pride which is dangerous. I expect Zidane to play some reserves, who will go all out to get a CL final position. I expect a good game from them.

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