Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi V2

But I thought you said Messi became the GOAT when he won the WC!
okay,you got me.Messi became the GOAT after WC (for me),overtaking Cristiano Ronaldo. I wanted to say that the "best player" debate was settled for me 16 years ago.Yet you get John Cross,Neville and Piers Morgan with their rettarted opinions.


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Various new reports have him as wanting to go back to Barca for 25m a year. I think that's pretty admirable considering he is being offered around 400m a year in Saudi.

He obviously cares about money, most people on the planet do, but he is far from the green eyed monster some people like to portray him as.

Actually, that could be said of a lot of our players. Many of them have foregone money and made deferrals that simply haven't happened at other clubs and most here would not have agreed to themselves. Overall, I think as fans we have been rather unfair on them in this regard, always taking the most negative of intentions.

Make no mistake, if Messi doesn't end up here, it will be on the club and not him.
I don't agree. In the end he will decide. However, whatever decision he makes we should be fine with it.


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We should know La Liga decision on Tuesday. I suppose he can wait for two more days. It's not like tomorrow is the end of transfer window. Therefore, if he doesn't want to wait for few more days it's on him and not the club.
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He is definitely going to Saudi Arabia. He has achieved everything he wants to achieve, no more for him to achieve with Barca. Just gonna get that billion from the Saudi oil giants and call it a night.


I still think the Saudi option is his last resort. His dad probably accept the deal. Only thing left is Messi agreeing.

With how eager Saudi seem to be. If Messi already said yes, we would have seen some real leak like printed shirt etc. already.

He is waiting for ours and maybe some other Champion Leauge clubs.


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I understand Spanish Law that person can’t get more than 50% less wages than what they had before. However I thought that was if their last wage was in Spain, how does it apply if he’s from PSG in France? I swear I read something a while ago that it doesn’t apply if their last contract was outside Spain. I swear they make it up as they go along, Spanish law is so dumb and shouldn’t apply towards football players from another country.

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