Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi V2


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This thread has been more alive than the match threads of barcelona matches :ROFLMAO:

Meanwhile, you:

> claims to be a Barca fan (LMAO)

> last 9 of 10 posts in CR7 thread on Barcaforum are you posting cringe posts about his goals at Al-Nassr

> used to call CR7 the GOAT on Juve forums under Andrea_Pirlo_10 user name

> used to foam at the mouth on this forum on your first account (messi15478) about how Juve were guaranteed to win CL when CR7 joined them

> used to foam at the mouth about how RM would never win the CL without CR7

> have now resorted to fantasy scenarios where if "CR7 stayed at RM, he would have 2 more CLs and 2 more Ballon D'Ors". So, it was mostly overall RM and not CR7 alone behind the success....what a surprise :lol:

Listen up, Ronaldosexual. You lost. Accept the L and keep your mouth shut before you get backhanded back to Portugal :lol: :lol: :lol:


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loser strikes again, can't even imagine the pain in his ass when montiel scored the penalty :lol:



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Later that night my father had a food poisoning and I had to drive him to the ER. A night to remember.

Probably then you didn't see me in the chat.

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