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I am wondering about the sporting side of him playing in Miami. I just read that MLS allows teams to sign up to three players to unlimited salaries that don't affect salary cap. So if he brings in Busi and Alba he won't be able to bring anyone else with him who aren't paid a pittance. Chelsea's endless trainwreck this season included Boehly coming into the dressing room after a match to overstep Potter's position. Is there a precedence before Messi where an active team player is part owner of the club? So his teammates and even manager ultimately answer to him on and off the pitch? Maybe we'll find out within a year if Messi will make a world class SD if he's able to recruit unknown talented players to make Miami a success. Would be unique pressure for his teammates to perform.

He does talk a lot about enjoying family life though so I doubt he'd really invest his own time into recruiting, I'm sure he's thought this through and already has someone he trusts to be the SD while Messi can still have final approval.
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As the former vice-president of Barcelona said, Messi's salary of 100 million+ caused a domino effect.

It doesn’t happen that you have one player who receives 100 million euros, and all the rest no more than 15, if you are not a club from Saudi Arabia, where the stars come to play and get big money compared to other team players.

If Messi is making 100m and Jordi Alba points that out and comes asking for 20m you laugh at his face and sell him.

The domino effect was created by the incompetent board and not Messi's salary lol.


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KL mate, I know you're hurting.

You should have never got your hopes up to see Messi back at Barca.

On a positive note, go and watch him live in the MLS.


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Fair question actually, to all the people living in the US, will you be going to see Messi play for Miami?


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Should have signed with Almeria to get a golden shovel.



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People talking about Leo further declining and thus being unable to compete in Copa 2024...He is already 36 ffs, he will be 37 next year and he won Copa+Finallissima+WC in a span of 2 years, who gives a damn about Copa? :lol:

Would be great seeing him with the Blaugrana for 1-2 more years and possibly lifting the La Liga one last time, but other than that, it would be 100% sentimental. He already was a shadow of himself in his last 2 seasons in Barcelona and could not influence big games, I doubt it would get better now that he is even older.

We wouldn't get 24 year old Messi all of a sudden. For all intends and purposes, he can come as a loan in 1-2 years time, maybe when the Camp Nou is ready, play for a few months so that everyone can say goodbyes and that will be it.


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@Birdy and @Temptation :lol:

Bet these cucks will be silent about this, after frothing about Liverpool's "data analytics" for years :lol:

If you didn't notice, I was never part of that stupid debate.
Besides, I always thought Messi>Ronaldo at all stages of their career

My participation have been in debates about the Messi influence on Barca way of playing and its cons


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The only thing Ronaldo beat Messi at is headers and penalties.

Messi is literally better in everything else lol. Even developed his FK skills and surpassed CR7 there.

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