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Messi has said for years that he wanted to stay at Barca as long as he could play at this level, unless he did not think Barca would be competitive.

Management has largely failed to reinvigorate the roster as the great players from the Pep era have aged out. They did bring in Neymar, a higherst quality player, but that did not last. The acquisitions of Continho, Dembele and Greizmann have been huge moves, but largely unsuccessful. A team can't make that many really big mistakes and still remain at the top level.

The managers hired since Pep just have not been the quality needed for a top club. None of them.

The best players on the team last season were mostly old. Now, the team is trying to clean house, before acquiring enough of the right level of replacement talent. Messi would be crazy to stick around to play on a mediocre team.

He'll try to go to a top club, one that has a manager who he respects. Liverpool can send Firmino to Barca in return.

Smart older players go to Italy, they can last longer in that league that in the other top leagues.


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People sees what they want to see for sure.
But again, you are listening to things that leaked by board.
There is way more evidence than Messi walking away from a nobody assistant coach in one game.
Amigos acting like a gang to prevent the club from change? That is conspiracy right there.

Did you forget that Messi almost got Lucho fired because he dared to ask him to run? And Koeman is the same kind of hardman/manager as Lucho. Messi also retired from the Argentina team on a whim so its easy to see how emotionally he reacts when things don?t go his way. Same reaction with Koeman forcing his friends out and establishing who is the boss. Where was this reaction last year after a second consecutive humiliation? Instead he defended Valverde and did not blame Barto but the players. But 1 day after Koeman decides to clean the house and his best friend finally gets told to fuck off he doesn?t trust in the project? hmmmm yeah sure. Doesn?t help that Suarez and Vidal (2 amigos Koeman told to fuck off) are backing him on twitter as well as Suarez Clown brother. But sure it?s just a conspiracy why would anyone believe that?! If Koeman resigns/gets sacked this club is officially finished. Pathetic!


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I doubt that story is true. Why would he even go there when Bahamas is going through a covid crisis as we speak.

I guess he knows that Barcelona is not the right place to be for him at the moment, when this shit goes down. He can rent a massive villa and quarantine there. In peace.


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I doubt that story is true. Why would he even go there when Bahamas is going through a covid crisis as we speak.

Cuz he can rent his own island?


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