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Messi's decision does not surprise the Bar?a locker room. They were aware of his desire to leave right after the Bayern debacle. [espn via @Elwood_White]
Watch amigo theory folks ignore this...

It cannot be that 32yr old Messi saw we hit rock bottom and will need 3-4 years AT BEST to get back to winning ways, nooo its that his 33-35yr old amigos are not playing.


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Fans from Catalunya are generally less intelligent than the ones on this forum/globally. They just go to the games since they are socis or their parents were, it's customary if you live there. Besides all was well to them if we continued to win la liga which is a bigger deal in Spain.

Top notch comment there, really solid. You guys posting here nowadays are really the brighest of the bunch. This forum has gone to shit over the last couple of years I tell you.


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Messi is studying Manchester City?s offer. He has already been in contact with Pep. City are willing to pay a large sum and potentially include Gabriel Jesus in the deal. [@gerardromero via @ActualiteBarca]

More pressure good good

Gabriel jesus would be a good striker if we had a selfless Suarez as a Larsson type subersub with Messi still in the team.


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For Messi there is no way back. He considers to have fulfilled a cycle in Barcelona. There are contacts over a move to Manchester City. [@verobrunati]


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Messi contemplates Manchester City's offer. They have already spoken to him. [RAC1]

Please Pep, save us!

Bunch of balogni, PSG is still the best place he could go. Have any of you even watched City this season? All 10 players run, a lot. Pep's tactics rely heavily on pressing until min 90 nonstop.


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With Barto gone who do you think will support Koeman in his decision to get rid of the amigos? Absolutely no one. Maybe he will stay, but we will see the same shit again with Messi and Suarez walking for 90 mins and getting trashed again in CL.

The public pressure is to move past the Amigos not to keep starting them. I really don't see Koeman getting fired within few months of getting hired lol.

If this is about Messi throwing a fit to keep Suarez around, I don't know. But it's wildly speculative to say that's the situation. Just a case of people creating a spin and saying "yeah that's what happened, probably" because it fits their conspiracy.

In any case I do not see Suarez being a starter under Koeman nor do I see Koeman getting fired for it. He might end up not getting sold and being benched though.

So your theory is that Messi will leave even if Barto resigns right? Will you still defend Messi if Suarez is here next year and so is Messi and we have a new manager and president?

I don't even understand what point you're trying to make here.


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A little positivity.

Messi leaves for 100 millions and a saving of another 100 millions in wages.

Barto resigns and a better president is elected while Koeman is left to continue doing what he is doing now in cleaning and rebuilding the team.

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