Liga Round 25: Barca - Getafe 4-0


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I hope you didn't forget last time we played them and the horror show they put up with proper shithouse football which got Raphinha sent off.
Long time since, likes of Ansu and Abde had minutes back then.

Read a report that in the Porto - Arsenal game, the ball was only in play for 46 minutes out of 90 which was a big deal. In comparison, our away game to Getafe was 35 minutes out of 90, or 40 if you include the 15 minutes that were added.


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1. Would be the first time ever to concede 0 goals against the same opponent after 5 matches, atm we have 4 as said above

2. Barca scored since the 0-0 against getafe in all 24 matches, it's the longest scoring streak since under Koeman in 2021 (26 matches)


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Next coach needs Barca DNA. We should see if Otto Rehhagal is in good health.



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Araujo, Cancelo and Lewy in danger to miss the trip to San Mames if they receive a yellow. Romeu too but nobody cares about him.


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I am here.
would like to swe yamal second half this time and start with Roque, Felix, raphinia.

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