Liga Round 15: Barca - Atletico 1-0


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Not full, but the fans are very vocal. The atmosphere on Montjuic has been very good so far in the season.


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Gavi had the handicap Romeu. Both Frenkie and Pedri were out. Gundogan looked half as good with Romeu as well.

Absolute nonsense.

Gavi played with Gundo also and nowhere near FDJ level.

He is miles of these three on the balll.

Easy to see it.

FDJ was best player in team with Romeu and him being out made level of just about all around him drop.

Gundo was still one of best in team on ball and levels above Gavi with Romeu or with FDJ.


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Kounde a better RB for us than CB. Fits the system Xavi wants.

Not WC but when you are talking 40m+ for Villarreal RB as a holding RB, better stick with Jules.


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I always had the feeling that La Liga deliberately schedules these big games on Sundays (more often than not) to discourage hooliganism and violence that sometimes occurs when fans have had a bit too much to drink.

But you’re right; these big games should be played on Fridays and Saturdays, not on Sunday evening 2 hours before bed time. 🤣👍


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Should have been a red card for that intentional kick in the knee. Could have torn his ligaments there.

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