Liga Round 15: Barca - Atletico 1-0


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Kounde RB Cancelo LB provides alot of balance Both Balde and Cancelo at once is suicidal and we're not good enough to mask the imbalance that creates


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Gundogan been great true, but the gem in the midfield is De Jong. He can't be taken out of the game due to his next level movement.


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Frenkie, Gundo and Pedri actually look like enjoying that game... got a wee bit close to complacent a couple of times as so easy though.


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Gundogan been like prime Xavi.

Been absolute class and can see how much better he is with footballers beside him in there on same wav length.

Atlei are masters at waiting a game out for errors though so cant let it drop at all.

Didnt expect Gundo to play like this, absolutely masterclass

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