Let's talk about Xavi's replacement

Xavi's replacement

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De Zerbi agent is in Barcelona.


Laporta has accepted his challenge.

He's also Araujo's agent so wouldn't give too much attention to this.

Also, probably just there to visit some nice restaurant with don Joan.


Tuchel is world class would love him here

Along with Motta and even Nageslmann

So was Mourinho, ages ago.
I voted for Flick, but would be open to anyone that could spend all energy to settle the new generation of players for the trophy hunt. That would also mean that the club won't likely win anything in a couple of years and that probably wont happen, as it is all about money and not about football. I'm prepared for the next mediocre choice (no hate against Xavi, I wish him all the best and much appreciation in his next challenges) - so Tuchel would be reasonable. He could continue to decline so as many of the players do at Barca.


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Hansi Flick will be represented by Pini Zahavi as new agent, it’s all done between parties.
Former FC Bayern and German national team manager wants to return as soon as possible.
Gol International agency will start work for Hansi Flick immediately.

Zahavi is close to Laporta so can pretty much say this is a done deal. Also this very likely means Lewy is staying too. Well, if Flick can get more out of him than Xavi then fine but I think he's done.


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Bayern will also be on the lookout for a new coach though. Doubt Tucheliban continues. First option is probably Alonso but could be tough to convince him. Second option Flick?

With Barca not being in a hurry to tie anyone down I wouldn't be too sure of Flick being 'done'.


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Zhavi has only one client in Barca and that is Lewandowski, doubt there was any other one for over a decade (he helped Neymar to go to PSG though). Lewandowski himself was working well for Bayern.

Doubt it is a done deal tbh, especially if Laporta keep his word and let Deco choose the coach.


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The question is why would Flick change his agent, and who benefits from it.

Seems there would be more kickbacks for various parties in moving to Barca than back to Bayern
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I can't find a source, but I suspect a German agency considering his previous jobs.

Zahavi will help Flick get a better international offer. Seems Flick is keen on Barcelona, while Zahavi is close with Laporta.

I don't know if he would go with Zahavi directly, just to negotiate a Bayern return. Could work for a PREM move like Liverpool though.


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Doubt Flick hired Zahavi to help him negotiate a Bayern return. He wants to know his options and I imagine there will be plenty including us.

As for Flick, think he’s a solution that could work well in vacuum. But with Barca, there never is any. More concerned about Deco, his vision, and the club’s new alliance with Mendes. The elections are approaching and with our hands tied in the market, Laporta will need a boost. Easiest way to get one is though a coach appointment. That hopefully saves us from another Xavi.
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Another thing I don’t get is why we’re making promises to guys like Deco. Besides his short stint as an agent, he’s got no experience. Seems to be a trend with Laporta’s picks and hires.


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Don't forget the GOAT assistant, big brain Alfred Schreuder

Cannot forget him.

Had people hyping up megamind too based on absolutely nothing :lol:

Although some coaches are simply better as assistants and clueless as managers themselves so he could be one of those. It's the Peter principle in action. Basically that within a hierarchical organization like a normal company or a football team, individuals will get promoted until they reach a position where they are no longer competent.

It's why some coaches are great assistants, but shit managers themselves. Also why some coaches are great with youth teams, but awful when they get a job with a senior side.


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It's also easier to make strategic decisions sitting behind the face of power rather than being it.

Which makes it all the more tragic that we give that responsibility to Big Teddy.


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Bayern Munich wants Hansi Flick. The topic is hot. Thomas Tuchel’s position is at jeopardy. Hansi Flick’s environment wants him to join Barcelona. Flick knows about the project & he’s excited, but he’s going to wait only until there are no offers. Barça remains calm.

In short: If we act quickly, he is ours...

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