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Who will win La liga?

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Derby time.




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i just cant understand why sampaoli wanted nasri over konoplyanka...

Because Nasri has been in top 3 of the players with most distance covered in the two full matches that he played, is brilliant with the ball, not selfish, and tracks well at the back when needed (at least while in Sevilla). Konoplyanka has neither of these traits, rather the opposite, and what's even worse is he was very stubborn. Emery disliked him, Sampaoli disliked him... no place for the guy in the team, simple as that.

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Do you guys actually expect that Villarreal (at their current state) are good enough to take a draw/win against Madrid?


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Villareal missed two 3 vs. 2 counters against Real Madrid in the 15 mins. I watched this half. Should've been 2-0 up.

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