La Liga Round 14: Osasuna - FC Barcelona 1-2


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Apparently it was the first time history that Barca comes down from man down to a win. It's historical win.

Osasuna or not, that's worthy of a celebration!

Nah dont agree should be seen to be celebrating it to that extent.

Should be expecting to win these games and celebrating it not so much as that video being put out.

They were ridiculed for way celebrated winning 4-0 away to Real let alone that.

Celebrate it. Aknowledge it for what it was and move on with the positives.


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Before the match, there is always a briefing of the players by the coach. Manzano is a Madrid referee who sends off our players instantly. When Lenglet was sent off, the opponent player thought that he had violated the rules and ran to the referee to make excuses. But Langle was sent off allegedly for hitting the head with an elbow. This blow was barely seen on replays. Levandovsky is a newcomer, he Xavi must take this into account and tell the players. La Liga is in our hands, for now.


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Fantastic win in 10 vs 12. :coffee:

More like 9 vs 13. :lol:

Barcelona have won away from home after reaching the break whilst losing and having a numerical inferiority for the first time in the ENTIRE La Liga history.

? @2010MisterChip

Amazing achievement.

Only five teams have ever come back and won an away game despite numerical disadvantage in the history of La Liga.

This is a pretty good stat as well, shows we have a much better bench/depth this season. Xavi just needs to learn how to use what he has better.

Barcelona have scored 8 goals by players who have come on as substitutes, the highest in the European top 5 leagues.


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Thought it was a guaranteed L after Lewy's red, ngl. Was happy with 1 point after that. Raphinha's header was a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

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