La Liga Round 1: Getafe - Barca 0-0


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Third year optional but contingent I think on minutes played. Since he is starting a lot I think the activation will be automatic
Well, if we bench him rest of the season after Roque joins. It would be brutal though. Let's just hope he performs enough to sell him to Saudi next season.


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Remove Pedri and replace him with Yamal .. Then later on replace both Lewa and Balde with Torres and Fati .. also Gavi for Gundogan mid half


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No hand ball there. But that dirty hit in the stomach by Damian is a red card because it is intentional. Just a pure thug hit with the ball nowhere in sight.


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Another example of corrupt spanish madridista refs. Suarez should've been sent off for elbowing prior and VAR didn't even look at it. Rapinha, as much as a fool he is, was already winded up by Suarez, who shouldn't even be on the field, answers with same kind of foul and immediately gets sent off. Fuck off, ref!


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Your opinion might be that it shouldn't be a penalty, but you're in denial if you don't accept that those are regularly given as handball across European football now.

Not when so little room between the two and heading out box.

Rarely be given.

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