Kylian Mbappé


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Griezmann is actually the true protagonist of France. If he plays well, France will play well. If he doesn't, France also struggle.

Mbappe is their main firepower but not the protagonist.
Astute take. Griezmann is the heart of their team for sure. Mbappe is the goalscorer, the producer, and the cherry on top of the cake. Griezmann was the cake. It's no surprise they didn't click at all with him being relatively poor in this tournament.


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Staying at PSG so long has hindered his development. Hasn't had to develop into a better player to be so dominant. He's never had the need to become more well-rounded with the likes of Neymar playing the role of playmaking/chance creation.


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Mbappe's move to Real Madrid is great for La Liga. Not great for Barca, but the club can grow competing, since we don't have the financial power.

Also great for Florentino's dream of the Super League - Real Madrid has some of the top 10 players in the world.


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Gonna be interesting seeing how he and Vini jr get on. On a lesser talented level, it's kind of like the MSN dynamic but at least there you had Messi and Suarez more mature. Bellingham, Vini and Mbappe are all young and will all want to play billy big bollocks, the face of Madrid. And this is before taking into account Mbappe wants to play LW

@Morten thoughts?


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The white guy effect. :lol: /prepares for wokestorm
I just meant that Griezmann has been more important than Mbappe over the years, and now he's had a bad tournament, it showed in the French team - he's been great in most of his previous tournaments. Mbappe has been even worse than him this tournament though - Mbappe has been poor in both his Euros so far, as compared to his World Cups.
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Indeed. Griezman has been brains of this team, who dabbles as playmaker and CM at the same time, always being, where others need him, making all the right passes, being an outlet in space and finding spaces on his own by clever movement and good vision of the pitch. There's no one like him in this team. Without his presence, there's just bunch of runners and hustlers and one good scorer. Rabiot is also clever, but not as impactful overall. All the africans just run and brawl. They don't have any Yaya Toures or alike.

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