Kylian Mbappe


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It was a silly decision to renew in 2022. He got won over the ludicrous money.

If he truly believe in PSG he wouldn’t have let his contract run down in the first place or extend for just two seasons.


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Gotta think he still ends up at Real Madrid. Vini stays at LW and he plays as the 9.

Or we keep Dembele long term and that lures him to Barca.


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Mbappe takes an Modric and goes to Barcelona in 2024.
All these young talented narcisist materialistic social media players are obsessed with playing for Madrid over us.
Choir boy imagine with corrupt money problems doesnt attract anyone. Ronaldo's macho flashy mannerisms and multiple cl's will do that to them.


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He isn't leaving, he will just squeeze QSG for as much as possible.

Well, i guess City or Newcastle can match the wages and bonuses.

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