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Kind of torn on whether Mbappe staying at PSG is good for us or not. I'm mostly glad. Short term it's great for us as we wouldn't have a sniff of the league title. They'd probably add to their ucl's before us too.

On the other hand la liga as a whole will have less attention, tv deals not what they could have been sponsors etc. Also think the better Real are the higher target we have to aim at. Maybe Real having someone like Mbappe pushes us to higher heights?

It's 100% good
Real are weak structurally. Can't keep running the same old legs to titles for months and count on comeback spirit never waning
We'll see whether it makes difference to trophy count as Barca weren't tested for long stretches yet, but can get upper hand against RM in H2H already and that's a start

It's garbage for La Liga and Tebas is rightfully fuming.
Has to lead against oil money influence from that position or else just going to get bad optics from reactionaries around

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Lol Benzema throwing shade on Instagram. Put up a photo of Tupac and some snake friend

Makes you wonder how France NT will do now


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Yeah because Bayern executives have not literally been jailed over tax evasion or whatever it was :lol:

Dont forget they are under investigation for not paying and exploiting minimum wage workers at their training facility.

Disgusting club exploiting people that are working hard every day to put food on their table.

He is probably also fuming because their best player want to leave that poverty league for a mediocre Barca by our standards. We are just that massive.


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It remains to be seen. They said they would examine and assess each sponsorship deal to see if it is based on fair market value, however what I don't know is how do they stop say PSG from receiving a sponsorship deal from each of say 10,000 Qatari companies, each is based on fair market value?

We will see.

If it is based on fair market value, the 10 k Qatari companies won't bring in much individually because there is "premium" space and common space. The more sponsors you have, the less premium it is and the less you can charge for every one of them.

Anyway, PSG aren't going to do that.

One of the interesting twist this new FFP is taking and people are ignoring is that it broadens the previous rule used for related parties to non related parties. It is actually a counter to state owned clubs. For example, let's say Qatar invest in a joint venture with Cochonou and then Cochonou decides to sponsor PSG with a contract with unfair value. This new FFP would block this kind of moves which i suspect Qatar would be keen on doing. Nice win for historical clubs.

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