Jean Michaël Seri

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Poor Samper busted his ass in pre-season and didn't put a foot wrong in any game, but I hope a loan goes well for him.


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Says Seri's agent was in Barcelona and the signing will be closed between 35-40 million euros.


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we still have Arda, Vermaelen, Douglas, Gomes, Munir, Rafinha here. dafuq is the board doing?
We could have gotten our money back with Gomes back in June. But nope we turned the offers down.

now here we are with Paulinho and mostly likely Seri as well and we are stuck with a lot of Midfielders, several who simply aren't good enough. 10 days left in the Window as well.


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Riviere, Nice President was at the Parc des Princes last night.

I watched the game just now, and you could see him talking a lot with Nasser during the game.

I hope Nasser didn't try anything just to annoy us.
I read somewhere that Nice was interested in Ben Arfa (to replace Seri?), could be related to that too

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